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Maverick Entrepreneurship

Niket Karajagi

Maverick Entrepreneurship Mentoring Podcasts are Niket Karajagi's three decades-plus journey; in business operations and entrepreneurship. Niket Karajagi is a Mechanical Engineer with M.B.A. in International Business Management. He also carries a coveted certification in Entrepreneurship. Niket is an ICF accredited Coach and Global Leader of Future Assessor. These podcasts will assist Entrepreneurs in curating, accelerating, consolidating, scale, and monetize actualized ideas. Take on the journey of Maverick Entrepreneurship with these podcasts and convert your unconventional Ideas into Action. Also, engage with Niket Karajagi on Please do follow Maverick Conversations @ ClubHouseApp.To speed up your entrepreneurial journey, also follow Eternal Elements Management & Leadership Podcasts. More shows are available on